A Tradition of Commitment Since 1835

On October 6th, 1835 President Andrew Jackson deeded forty acres of land in Lenawee County, Michigan to Orsamoon Horton. On March 7th, 1917, Orsamoon’s grandson Josiah Cyrus and his wife Kate DeFay purchased this farmland. They established the Horton Farm.

Josiah Cyrus and his son Glen finished the barn in 1918, and they built their home across from it in 1923. Six generations of the Horton Family managed the land and their responsibility to the community for over 150 years.

In June of 1988, Larry and Linda Micol acquired the farm. Then, on August 12, 1989, they opened Sweet Annie’s Granary. For almost 30 years, the flower farm gift store enjoyed success and growth. In 2016, the celebrated shop finally gave in to the the need for additional space. They moved the business 1 mile away, to a new location on US-12.

As only the third family since 1835 to be the caretaker of one of the three “highest landmark points” in Southern Michigan, High Point Farm respects almost two centuries of dedication and commitment to our community. The remarkable tradition and legacy of the Horton and Micol families continue in our mission of High Point Farm; to serve as a premier event celebration venue, among the beautiful rolling hills of this classic rural Midwest vista.